"Our group was able to visit the Geysir Hot Springs area on the Golden Circle. Due to the geothermal activity in this area, geysers spouted water up to 30 meters every few minutes! It was really cool to see the evidence of the geothernal energy that powers such a high percentage of Iceland."
"The Tivoli Gardens is truly a magical experience and just like the meal, I am hungry for more."
-R. Henderson, Biochemistry Major
-C. Crawford, Biochemistry Major
"Prior to visiting the country, I only knew Sweden to be the birthplace of IKEA and the Nobel Prizes. Little did I know, this country holds a pivotal impact on the world's history and today's global economy. For me, personally, Sweden was the place I was least looking forward to visiting prior to the start of this program, but ended up being one of my favorites."
"Our time in Norway was well spent, as we were exposed to the rich history and incredible beauty of the Land of the Vikings."
-H. Walt, Biochemistry Major
-T. Henley, Chemistry Major